Your favorite ray of sunshine is back! 4th of July, the end of Ramadan, who knows why, but there's been a noticeable uptick in attacks in the Middle East today. (I'll post a happier list later, I promise!)
  1. Suicide bomber at US consulate
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Only the bomber was killed after detonating his device prematurely. Policemen wounded.
  2. Suicide bomber at Shia mosque
    Qatif, Saudi Arabia. Only the bomber was killed; no reported injuries.
  3. Suicide bomber in Medina
    Medina, the second holiest city in Islam, Saudi Arabia. Four killed, one wounded.
  4. Missile launched from Yemen
    Shot down by Saudi forces, suspected Houthi fire.
  5. Syrian mortar fire into Golan Heights
    IDF investigating cross-border fire.
  6. Turkish/Coalition airstrikes
    Northern Syria. "68 ISIS Targets" - including for suspected civilian casualties.
  7. Unconfirmed: Rocket fire near Baghdad airport
    Arabic Twitter is reporting this, no major wire or English source has picked it up. Unconfirmed.