Updating, updating
    Erdogan is still in power. Most unrest has been put down. Expecting more details tomorrow.
  2. UPDATE: At least 17 people killed
    Turkish forces have also arrested at least 100 people connected to the coup.
  3. UPDATE: Erdogan's hotel was bombed.
    Shortly after he left his seaside vacation to return to Istanbul.
  4. UPDATE: Turkish government announced a curfew
    People are on the streets. There is some fighting and civil unrest. My friend is safe.
  5. UPDATE: Mosques are playing Quran recitation in Istanbul
    Friend is stuck with a cancelled flight. People are out on the street. Mood seems expectant.
  6. "Unauthorized military action" = coup
    Turkish government claims to remain in control, but the military is doing some not-so-under-control things
  7. Social media shut down
    Twitter, Facebook, etc are all blocked. This has happened before.
  8. Two bridges in Istanbul are shut down
    AFP had pictures of Turkish military detaining police officers on the Bosphorus Bridge
  9. Tanks at the Istanbul airport
    All flights are cancelled.
  10. Military aircraft cruising low over Ankara
  11. Gunshots heard in Ankara
  12. All police called to active duty in Ankara