ISIS/Daesh isn't just contained to Syria and Iraq. Libya and Turkey are getting some news coverage due to recent events, but the spread is much further. Here's a few countries with growing recruitment / attacks / suspected militants.
  1. Indonesia
    This Muslim-majority country just elected a new counterterrorism chief to deal with the growing Daesh presence. In January, Daesh-affiliated militants opened fire and set off a car bomb near a Starbucks in Jakarta, killing at least six. It's estimated that hundreds of Indonesians have traveled to Syria to join Daesh.
  2. Belgium
    All the Paris attack suspects had ties to Belgium, and police just raided another suspect's home yesterday. Over a dozen people in the Molenbeek district of Brussels have been arrested for Daesh recruitment or planning to travel to Libya to join the fighting.
  3. Uzbekistan
    The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan pledged allegiance to Daesh in August. At least 5,000 Uzbek nationals are current fighting in Syria and Iraq. (Some context: The Central Asia / Stan countries have large Muslim Chechan and Circassian ethnic groups. Daesh's big bad, Omar the Chechen, is actually Georgian.)
  4. Yemen
    Like the fighting between the Houthis and Saudi-backed Hadi wasn't bad enough: Yemen's instability has allowed Daesh and al-Qaeda to gain ground and launch attacks against civilians. There are reports of training bases for both militant groups located on Yemen.
  5. Somalia
    Militants from Yemen can hop across the Gulf of Aden to nearby Somalia. This has caused a lot of infighting in the al-shabaab militant group - originally pledged to al-Qaeda, factions are realigning with Daesh and/or leaving Somalia to fight in Libya.
  6. Afghanistan
    Daesh is creeping in, and the Taliban does not like it one bit. (Different ideologies, Taliban is tied to tribalism and Daesh is outsider-y). Again, fighting between the two militant groups has erupted... And civilians are often caught in the crossfire.
  7. Tunisia
    Daesh is running free in Libya and it's starting to spill over. Despite building a fence along the border, Tunisia has faced multiple Daesh attacks, including a battle in Ben Guerden that left over 40 dead. A recent raid found weapons stockpiles and Daesh propaganda in a western town, hundreds of miles from the Libyan border. The country remains under a state of emergency.