[Note: I'm still safe in Amman, don't worry.] Had a nasty cold and was working under my covers, so I thought I'd live-list tonight's breaking news... And then it got a little crazy.
  1. UPDATE: mall standoff over!
    Eighteen killed, including 4 policemen. Two gunmen were killed; four are in custody. The fifty-some people in the mall have been evacuated. Baghdad's Green Zone remains on lockdown.
  2. UPDATE: car bomb in southeast Baghdad
    Popular market gets hit; five killed.
  3. UPDATE: two blasts at casino kill 20
    Suicide bomber detonated inside a casino in Muqdadiya, and a car bomb exploded as medical personnel arrived on the scene. At least 20 are dead; 50 wounded.
  4. Car bomb kills seven at Jawaher mall.
    Twenty-seven are wounded. Preliminary report.
  5. Four gunmen entered the mall.
    Speculation of suicide belts and a hostage situation, but these reports are unconfirmed.
  6. Iraqi security forces present.
    The mall is surrounded; they're slowly trying to enter while causing the least amount of civilian causalities.
  7. Iraqi media: this is a terrorist attack.
    No group has claimed the attack (as it is ongoing, and militant groups claim things after-the-fact). Daesh or al-Nusra Front are the most likely candidates.