Arabic has a special noun suffix (and verb conjugation) when referring to specifically two of something. At first I thought this was dumb, but I realized the dual plural can be quite useful... For example:
  1. Habibain - two boyfriends
    When I was kinda sorta seeing two guys at once.
  2. Hotdogtain - two hot dogs
    I'm not kidding. The snack shop sells mini hotdogs between classes and one is never enough... Hotdogtain hits the spot.
  3. Shahrain - two months
    Approximately how long I've lived in Jordan at this point, so I use this in almost every getting-to-know-you conversation
  4. Sahtain - two healths
    The Arabic version of "Bon appetite!"
  5. Yadain - two hands
    Most body parts come in pairs.
  6. Neekain - two fucks
    As in, "I couldn't give two fucks..." Maybe not proper fuh'sah arabic but... It gets the point across.