THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT LIST. (pictures from everythinggoats Twitter)
  1. I am currently overwhelmed with packing.
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    I, too, am surrounded by cardboard boxes. I, too, am making this face about it.
  2. I am scared of children.
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    This goat is freaking out because a child is touching it. This is my usual reaction when people try to entrust me with tiny humans. What am I supposed to do with a child? What if I drop it or somehow horribly scar it for life?
  3. I am prepared for a post-apocalyptic future.
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    This goat is well prepared for a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic world. I am great with as variety of weapons and Dr.Dad is somewhat a doomsday prepper, so I currently have water purification tablets and enough canned goods for three days "just in case."
  4. I am very studious.
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    This goat looks like he's stressing out about the GRE. Me too. I've goat to get more serious about the quantitative reasoning practice tests.
  5. Sometimes I feel like I am "faking it."
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    This goat doesn't feel like he's a real goat. Sometimes I get bad imposter syndrome and feel like I am not smart/talented/good enough.
  6. I start the day with coffee.
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    This goat understands that coffee is crucial to the morning routine. I've lived walking distance to coffeeshops for a year, and it's the best motivation to get out of bed/the apartment.
  7. I love getting mail!
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    This goat prefers letters to texts and emails. I get so excited for actual letters! Sometimes I check the mailbox twice a day. (Or like five times a day when I'm waiting on Cuban cigars from my brother)
  8. I am a great wingman.
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    This goat understands that a lot planning goes into asking someone out. I have also helped with prom proposals and REAL proposals.
  9. I am learning to avoid toxic people.
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    This goat does not have time for bad influences and negativity. Can't see the haters. Still working on this.
  10. I take ridiculous risks.
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    These goats are jumping into the unknown! I am moving across the world in nine days ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh
  11. I enjoy canoeing / kayaking.
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    These goats know how to blend fun with physical activity. I love a good day out on the lake - usually jousting with my brother on paddle-boards.
  12. I am super close with my brother.
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    These goats probably also get mistaken as twins and love hanging out together all the time. Lil Watz is my favorite person/mad scientist and we frolicked through many fields as kids. One time we tripped over a hidden gravestone. It was scary.
  13. I've goat great style.
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    Is this goat's flannel from Madewell? I'm pretty sure I have this exact flannel shirt.