Welcome to Weibdeh

A photo-dump of my neighborhood in Amman.
  1. My living room view
    Overlooking the Beled and downtown
  2. Rumi cafe
    My second home
  3. Darat al-Funun
    Art gallery & dreamiest library / wifi-free workspace
  4. Graffiti on the walk home
    There's lots of street art in this neighborhood
  5. Bus station
    Damascus used to be a quick, cheap bus ride away.
  6. King Abdullah I mosque
    Non-Muslims can tour this mosque during non-prayer times. The mosque-keepers were lovely and fixed me tea while I waited.
  7. Abdali Orthodox Church
    Across the street from the King Abdullah I mosque.
  8. Jasmine House
    Art gallery & Italian restaurant. Very fancy.
  9. Boutique bakery
    Fresh bread and amazing brownies.
  10. Casual street beatboxing
    A typical occurrence
  11. Casual street stilt-waking
    Also pretty typical
  12. Fayrouz
    Home of the best eclairs / way too cheap and accessible sweets
  13. Seven hills skatepark
    A community-built free skatepark
  14. Aristotle cafe
    Straight out of an IKEA catalogue. Really good laymoon na3 na3.
  15. Planes overheard
    Either deploying to Syria or training for an air show.
  16. Old street at sunset
  17. Another view from my old roof
    I'm only a block away now.
  18. My corner vegetable stand
    Yum. Everything is cheap, fresh, and delicious.
  19. El Capìtan
    My mean one-eyed cat that protects our apartment building from other street cats. I toss him pepperoni off of my pizza sometimes.