Thanks for the request! I always over-pack reading material for flights because I'm so excited for hours on hours of no internet / few distractions. Here's what I'm looking forward to this trip:
  1. READ: Garden & Gun
    A magazine on Southern lifestyle, adventure, and food. Beautiful, thoroughly researched articles on southern culture & heritage.
  2. READ: Emperor of Maladies - Siddhartha Mukherjee
    "The Biography of Cancer." Everyone else in my immediate family is in the medical field, and my brother is doing cancer research at UGA. The rest of the Watz fam is raving about how they couldn't put this down, so I have to check it out!
  3. READ: It's what I do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War - Lynsey Addario
    I love Lynsey Addario's work. Also, memoirs / the Middle East / war correspondents, these are a few of my favorite things. She's on my of badass female journalists in the Middle East: BADASS WOMEN JOURNALISTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST [Rumor is J. Law is attached to the film adaptation of this?]
  4. READ: Alexander Hamilton - Ron Chernov
    I am 100% on the Hamilton hype train.
  5. READ: Reason for God - Tim Keller
    A reread, actually. Helps lay out my thoughts, criticisms, and doubts on Christianity and modern Christian culture. Also, comforting during flights when there's the slightest bit of turbulence and I'm convinced I'm going to die.
  6. READ: Digital Humanitarians - Patrick Meier
    I worked at a tech startup while I was acting in LA, so I've got a bit of a background in tech. I'm contemplating pursuing a Master's in data journalism at Columbia, so I'm trying to read up and see how / where / in what capacity it would be useful.
  7. WATCH: Bollywood movies
    I. Love. Bollywood. The more ridiculous the plot, the better. In regular life, I very rarely have the 2 1/2 - 3 hours to commit to a Bollywood movie (unless I'm cleaning my apartment or something). But when I'm trapped on a plane for 9+ hours? Yes, please!
  8. WATCH: Superhero movies
    Similar to the Bollywood thing, except I am less enthused. Would never seek them out in my regular life, but consistently some of the best options on long-haul flights.
  9. WATCH: Say Yes to the Dress
    Actually, I'm flying Royal Jordanian this trip, so I doubt they'll have this. It's silly and oddly soothing, and there's always a happy ending. I imagine my mom's snarky running commentary that she does when I watch this at home: "a wedding is not the whole marriage, Rebecca!" Etc.
  10. WRITE: Sketching out article pitches
    ... And then being annoyed but not surprised that I keep breaking my "no work while traveling" rule.
  11. Pop any reading suggestions in the comments 😏