Having a mini quarter-life-crisis and thought I'd gather insights... ListAppers, what did you think being 25 would entail? (Or younger ListAppers, what do you expect?)
  1. I'd be a successful Broadway actress...
    Lol nope
  2. ... Who's also a reporter in Afghanistan...
    Working on it. I realize NOW that this and the first one are... Incompatible? Or at the very least, not happening at the same time.
  3. ... And already with my forever-person.
    Maybe not married yet, but definitely already figured out my love life and I would never have to worry about it. Again: LOL NOPE.
  4. Living in a happy little apartment or duplex with friends and muddling our way through career, relationships, and life in general.
    In general, I just thought my life would follow the path of a beloved sitcom.
    Suggested by @e