There's a video circulating on the Internet of a little boy being placed in an ambulance after an airstrike on Aleppo (I want to include a photo, but worried it might be too graphic - thoughts, ListStaff?) here's the story behind the video.
  1. His name is Omran Daqneesh.
    Names are important.
  2. He's five years old.
    Some reports place him at four, but the fact remains that he's probably too little to be in school yet.
  3. He lives in the Qaterji neighborhood of Aleppo.
    While Aleppo has been under assault for years, the Assad/Russian airstrike campaign increased dramatically in the past few weeks after rebel groups broke the siege. This particular neighborhood was also hit hard in June.
  4. He's okay - physically, at least.
    Omran was treated for a head wound, cleaned up, and released late Wednesday / early Thursday.
  5. He's not a terrorist.
    Just throwing it out there. He's a little kid. He did not do anything to warrant getting caught up in an airstrike.