Fun fact: Turkish President Erdogan recently stated that he wanted to broaden the definition of "terrorist" to include journalists who write things he considers incitement. This is not a terrorLIST.
  1. Might be a media blackout
    Very brief statement from the Istanbul governor - no formal news out of Istanbul. Most of the news is coming from social media and/or friends-of-friends. This can be a good thing (not spreading misinformation, not creating panic) and a bad thing (see above fun fact).
  2. There was another suicide bombing in January.
    Sultanhamet Square - a dozen German tourists killed. Suicide attacks in February and March killed 28 and 35 people, respectively, in Ankara.
  3. Somebody knew something beforehand.
    Germany closed their embassy in Ankara and their consulate & school in Istanbul yesterday and they remained closed today because of a "terrorist threat."
  4. 11am - Istiklal Street
    A suicide blast hit this popular shopping street, usually packed on the weekends.
  5. UPDATE: Four confirmed dead, 36 wounded
    This will probably rise. At least a dozen tourists wounded. ((All the formal reports include that three Israeli tourists were wounded, but this isn't immediately relevant / does not appear to be a targeted attack against Israeli tourists.))
  6. The main suspects
    Both Daesh and the PKK have conducted suicide bombings in Turkey in recent months. No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
    Unconfirmed reports of another bomber fleeing the scene.
  8. Istanbul is on lockdown.
    Stay safe, y'all.
  9. More updates as events warrant