1. "My cousin has tattoos too"
    How do I even respond to this? Like am I part of some special club or something now?
  2. "What do they mean?"
    This is always asked when I'm going through airport security or there's a long line of people behind me. Like I could possibly explain them all in 5 minutes while you pat me down.
  3. "Did it hurt?"
    Yeah it hurt. I got stabbed by multiple needles for hours on end.
  4. "That lantern's cool but what would have been cooler would be to have a bird coming out of a cage"
    Okay asshole...when you get something that's permanently on your body for the rest of your life I'll make sure to point out a way to change it. Also, why would I get something you like on my body that means nothing to me? You're a stranger in the grocery store.
  5. "I like your tattoos. Can I get your number?"
    Apparently my arms are so distracting you didn't notice the ring on my finger.
  6. "Did it cost a lot?"
    Yes. Always. You get what you pay for.
  7. "It couldn't have taken that long"
    This is normally in regards to three black bands that are drawn around my forearm. These took 5 hours. And that's the least of it.
  8. "I'd be worried about what I'll look like when I get old"
    I might look kinda tacky when I hit 50, but there's plenty of time before and after that.
  9. "What about your job?"
    I live in LA. I work in creative. You're pretty much the minority if you don't have tattoos. Really, I'm just trying to fit in.
  10. "Are you going to get more?"
    The answer is always, "Yes."