As a child of the 80s I'm pretty disappointed about this...
  1. What happened to the light up star earrings?
    Isn't that where the hologram comes from?
  2. Where are the Misfits?
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    No rival band?
  3. They couldn't keep the original logo?
  4. What happened to the Starlight House?
    Wasn't Jerrica in charge of like 12 foster kids?
  5. Isn't Jerrica the owner of Starlight Music?
    Not just some random kid with a dream
  6. They got her makeup wrong
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  7. They got her hair wrong
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  8. Oh I remember this trailer...I think it's called Josie and the Pussycats
  9. There have to be misfits! They literally take up half of the theme song!
    Suggested by @ohsteph