Mr. Bear is a doll from my childhood that my husband and I spend hours talking about. In doing so we somehow ended up creating a whole life for him.
  1. He knows the goose from the goose island beer logo.
    They're both from Chicago.
  2. He owns a construction company.
    They build high rise buildings all over the world. Currently they're working on one in Japan. He sent me this photo on the plane ride
  3. He loves coffee
    But if he drinks it he runs around the house like crazy
  4. He helps with chores
    Here he is putting away laundry
  5. He's always insisting that we bring him food back from restaurants we eat at.
    We never give in to his demands
  6. He's very particular
    He gets upset with us all the time for not doing things to his standards
  7. He knows ALL the bears that are on tv
    But he doesn't talk to them anymore because he thinks they're too big for their britches
  8. He falls a lot and is always getting hurt
    One time we had to put him in a cast when he broke his arm.