Men I dated before finding the one...
  1. Mr. Rock Star
    He makes you feel real special when you go on tour with him. I'm sure he makes all the other girls he's sleeping with feel the same way.
  2. Mr. Drug Addict
    Sure he's fun but when it comes to sex he can't get it up.
  3. Mr. Narcissist
    He's beautiful and he knows it. But when he spends more time getting ready than you do it's time to get out
  4. Mr. Homosexual
    He's your first boyfriend. He doesn't know it yet but he's not that into you.
  5. Mr. Unavailable
    He tells you he always thought he'd marry you, but he's really happy with his current girlfriend.
  6. Mr. Hottie
    SOOOOO HOT. But dumb as rocks....such a shame
  7. Mr. Bad at Sex
    You keep trying cause, hey, is it really that bad? Yes. Yes it is.
  8. Mr. Related
    No. He's not my brother. Gross.