Accomplishments made over 2 days in Vegas...
  1. Drink
    Spent $150 in drinks... But $125 came with the room. Yeah Vegas!
  2. Laid out at the pool
    Got burnt
  3. Had sex
  4. Won $150 in blackjack
    Made $75 in the first bet...go 21!!!
  5. Avoided a bunch of "bros"
    "Oh man...that girl was so hot". This was toned down convo in the elevator cause a girl was present (me)
  6. Met a nice bartender named Jade
    What else would her name be?
  7. Ate at Lotus of Siam
    Twice in 2 days
  8. Got $134 credited back to us from the SLS
    That's what a phone call to complain will get you when you don't get your room cleaned.
  9. Go out dancing in a club
    This may or may not happen. Hey, I'm over 30.