5 Miles =

five is my baseline for feeling accomplished. the following will give me the same feelings of accomplishment, adjustments explained
  1. 3 miles in PHX
    adjusted for goddamn heat
  2. 3 miles in SF
    adjusted for hills
  3. 10 miles on a treadmill
    adjusted for whatever's on TV
  4. 1 mile with a dead iPod
    because silence is a deal breaker for me
  5. 10 miles on a bike
    adjusted because the wind in my face makes me feel faster 🚴
  6. 1 hike, regardless of duration
    damn I hate hiking. see previous lists 🐝
  7. 1/5 (ish) of a marathon
    not adjusted, just math
  8. negative 5 miles for a marathon
    of the netflix variety 🎥💻🐌
  9. (had to use a snail because there is no good emoji for hibernating bear)
    and snails rival hibernating bears in productivity// fact