things that really grind my gears, assuming peter griffin is my spirit animal
  1. the "get-to-know-you" portion of jeopardy
    i do not care about you as a person, i care about you as a brain. it's also right after the first commercial break, so no matter how skilled i am at DVR, i never nail the fast fwd so i always end up watching it, hating it in my core
  2. wet socks 😖
  3. when my ear buds get pulled out of my ears
    this makes me unbelievably, irrationally mad
  4. FOMO
    this should be considered real with a real ICD-9
  5. when medicine/ car/ children's toy commercials have to use an asterisk that says DO NOT INGEST/ DRIVE/ PLAY IF ALLERGIC/ HUMAN
    but advertisements for both male and female models do not have to have an asterisk that says DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER THIS/ NO ONE LOOKS LIKE THIS
  6. decaf coffee
    same: non-alcoholic beer ☕️🍺
  7. helpless people
    i'm not talking about people who need help. i'm talking about people who are helpless, or perhaps more accurately, people who think they are helpless. 99% of the time help is available. in many forms. seek it. ask for it.
  8. the fact that i've never been to a rodeo
    i love country music and cowboy boots. i'd also like the chance to walk around all day and say, "yes, this IS my first rodeo." if i go, i'll probably make a list about it. stay tuned.