I Just Paid Off All My Student Loans

  1. β€’
    literally, today. it just happened
    closed my laptop, texted my parents, opened listapp
  2. β€’
  3. β€’
    haha, sallie mae, you're a bitch
    but now you're MY bitch
  4. β€’
    someone should send me a fucking medal
  5. β€’
    congratulations! you are at least mildly successful at being an adult!
  6. β€’
    I don't think anybody issues medals like that
  7. β€’
    instead, I'm just going to get more letters from my alumni association
    asking for money
  8. β€’
    absolutely not. did you hear what I said? I JUST paid them off. give a girl some time to earn some more dough
  9. β€’
    still, BOOYA
  10. β€’