but I have a few questions @bjnovak
  1. can my friend see the introduction I've given him? 📖
  2. can anyone see the introduction I've given him? 📖👀
  3. where is my introduction?
    what did @abbyzeecee tell you about me
  4. is there an archive of introductions somewhere that will someday be used for a tell-all book or mega// meta list? 📜
  5. what if he doesn't get it?
    when I joined, @sophia was trending with an exceptional synopsis of ListApp Etiquette, so at least there were ground rules. but what if he is stingy with his likes? what if he is too snarky?
  6. why do I feel so much pressure to create a warm environment so that he loves ListApp as much as ListApp will love him? is this normal?
  7. how do I delete lists once they're published?
    in case I feel like it