GUYS it's been two weeks since I ran a marathon! I have a busted up left knee trying to compensate for a busted up right knee, I've gained 7lbs, and my toenail hasn't made up its mind about falling off vs staying put. Here's what's getting me through it all:
  1. 🎶 pumpin' blood - nonono
    I can't remember if I heard this crossing the finish line or at the beginning of my last sprint, but "it's your heart, it's alive, it's pumping blood" is some symbolic, magic motivation
  2. 🎶love runs out- one republic
    "we all run for something: for god, for fate, for love, for hate, for gold, for rust, for diamonds, for dust"
  3. 🎶marry you- bruno mars
    are you "looking for something dumb to do?" run a marathon. plus this song is dope
  4. 🎶dance apocalyptic- janelle monàe
    this song made me want to stop running and boogie 💃🏼
  5. 🎶good to be alive right about now- Andy grammer
    I heard this twice, and the first time I tried to remember exactly how I was feeling so I could try to emulate that if i heard it twice
  6. 🎶cannot be tamed- Miley Cyrus
    make fun of me if you want, that is the perfect song for those who are vaguely meek, vaguely blonde, and out of their element but trying to act like they're running things
  7. 🎶life is a highway- rascal flats
    cliché and perfect
  8. 🎶love myself- hailee steinfeld
    nothing like masturbation to motivate me
  9. 🎶longest time-billy joel
    favorite song of all time [see previous lists] and also it took me for fucking ever to finish that race
  10. UM I can't remember hearing any other songs, as I was distracted by the wind blowing in my face and the leaves crunching under my strong, able feet
    JK my personal mantra "it's almost over, it's almost over" blocked out the sound of my crying
  11. but for reals, I'm glad I did it. ish.