If I hear _____ I automatically think ____ ++
  1. never going to get it
    ooh ah, no ya never gonna get it, not this time, never ever gonna get it
  2. little bit of everything
    all rolled into one... I'm a: bitch/ lover/ child/ mother
  3. garbage
    garbage garbage garbage
  4. irregardless
    ex-boyfriends are off limits to friends. it's like, the rules of feminism
  5. straight up
    now tell me, is it gonna be you and me forever?
  6. liquor
    liquor? I don't even know her
  7. I'll tell you what I want
    what I really really want, so tell me what you want what you really really want
  8. carry on
    my wayward son
  9. should of done that
    you're an idiot. you should have paid more attention in school
  10. It wasn't me
    She saw me kissing on the sofa. I even had her in the shower.
    Suggested by @abbyzeecee
  11. Oh my god.
    Becky look at her butt.
    Suggested by @abbyzeecee