less of a list, more of a dilemma. still in dire need of ListApp community input.
  1. I love her
  2. but I didn't buy her tickets because I didn't think I would be in PHX
  3. I'm in PHX
  4. and I heard that her show tonight (and every night) was delicious and grateful and killer
  5. and her show tomorrow is sold out
  6. I'm already going to be THAT girl to try to win tickets on the radio
    does this ever really happen??!
  7. I'm not counting on it
  8. so do I go to the venue and scalp, hoping for the best?
  9. is that legal?
  10. do I pay an admittedly stupid amount of money for tickets?
  11. can I go alone?
  12. can I live with myself if I don't?
  13. I'm talking to you @sally
    and all the other Taylor Swift fans
  14. WHAT DO I DO