1. how does publishers clearing house work? do people really win millions? where do the millions come from? do people pay to apply? do you have to agree to millions of advertisements in order to risk winning millions of dollhairs?
  2. will Garth's PHX concert be better Friday, Oct 23 or Saturday, Oct 24?
    listapp PHX meet up? @gwcoffey probably just us
  3. what are the biochemical effects of MSG
    this is directed at the @sally and @TT brilliant types, and inspired by OG silly type// listapp invite, @bagelfever, because we used to believe that MSG could make your blood hurt. thank you teen girl squad
  4. what does bill murray whisper to scarlett johansson at the end?
  5. what should I do for my birthday? 🎂
    dinner and drinking? shul and fasting (because it's yomkip)? wicked? book of mormon? sleep all day?
  6. do I think that shows like Married With Children are bad because I wasn't allowed to watch as a kid (and therefore never learned to appreciate crass humor)
    or because I wasn't allowed to watch as a kid (and so I tell myself I hate them as a form of therapy)
  7. who are the people who shop for discount tampons?
    splurge here ladies