I'm staying with my newly retired mother for about 10 days. this list was drafted on day 1.
  1. keeps her phone on loud
    her ring tone is called Nails on a Chalkboard, and each keystroke and game played is accompanied with a screeching announcement to the public that she is, in fact, using a phone
  2. asks me if I like fruit
    I don't, and she doesn't have any anyway, but she "can just pop down the street and pick up some berries. they're the biggest berries ever. and wasn't that cantaloupe good at your cousin's wedding brunch 6 years ago? let's get cantaloupe too."
  3. calls it Nordstrom's
    this is completely beyond my understanding. why is the store suddenly possessive? is it a midwest thing? a baby boomer thing? my dad does it too: Jameson's, Kroger's, etc.
  4. makes a second trip to Nordstrom
    to help me find a jacket that I loved and she hated. I waited to buy it until it was on sale and went back alone but couldn't find it. she offered to go back and help me look since she has a knack for finding treasures among textile junk. that was nice.
  5. volunteers x2 per week
    local, little places. just because
  6. buys me Cheetos
    before a road trip because that's my jam. I got her chocolate from her favorite store
  7. worries about her family, every day
    not the big stuff; we're healthy, we're safe, we're fed. but are we happy? are we fulfilled? has Cutlet learned to roll over yet (hint: he has!)
  8. oh, hmm
    this isn't the list I had planned when I started. enlightening though 💘 (don't show mom @abbyzeecee )