1. From that last-minute Super Bowl quest for the world's last remaining jalapeños to make bacon-wrapped poppers. As I stood in line with the few I could scrounge from the bottom of the barrel, I noticed the person behind me had found pre-made poppers.
  2. My friends are looking for a place to live and I can't stop trying to convince them to move closer to me.
  3. When your brother's girlfriend borrows your phone to take a sleepy selfie with him.
  4. Oh gurl, you know I'm all about dim trails!
  5. I never take selfies with people and I never hang out with Destiny and I never pay attention to anime-related things but just for this moment, that all went out the window.
  6. Moments after dropping this hard drive; days before learning the data would be unrecoverable. :(
  7. That time we went to In-N-Out and there happened to be 50+ women there dressed as sexy cats.
  8. When your best friend has a coffee mug that reminds you of your roommate.
  9. Took this to remind my future self of the chocolate festival at Central Market. (I never went.)
  10. When you miss your international flight from Calgary by 10 minutes and have to spend an extra 12 hours at the airport so you decide to sleep it off and your mom borrows your phone to capture the moment.