Every single time
  1. Oh no
  2. It's fine you're in a safe place
  3. They will bring this up for the rest of my life
  4. Actually the rest of my life
  5. Yay free liquor
  6. Oh no I feel sick
  7. Do not vomit
  8. Oops
  9. Oh no have they seen me hastily express oral fluids?
  10. What if we aren't that close and they never speak to me again
  11. Of course they will you're family
  12. I wouldn't speak to me again
  13. Yes you would you are the greatest the shared DNA worked best for you
  14. Lol that's bitchy
  15. I hope no one notices if I just go for a nap
  16. Nawww I love you all
  17. I can't wait to see you all at events equally spaced thoughout the year where we talk about how long it's been. And how I've grown even though I'm an adult and no longer growing. And also where I feel like you all judge me for having no direction in life
  18. But I still love you because relative and sorry for spilling that