Live vicariously through a selection of the shitty photos I took while abroad. There are many more where these came from ;)
  1. The great ocean road
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  2. Fed square
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  3. Night noodle market
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  4. Syd opera house
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  5. Chinese friendship garden
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  6. Harbour bridge
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  7. Coffs Harbour
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  8. Emerald beach
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  9. Yamba
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  10. Byron Bay
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  11. Nimbin
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  12. Coolangatta
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  13. Brisbane river
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  14. Me doing flying trapeze in Brisbane
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  15. Komune in cooly
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  16. Apartment rooftop in Kirra
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  17. Noosa's nude beach
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  18. Fraser Island
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  19. The gap
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  20. Noosa at 4am on ANZACs day
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  21. Noosa flashpackers
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  22. Agnes Waters
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  23. Lady Musgrave Island
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    That leatherback turtle was actually the size of me
  24. Whitsundays
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  25. Magnetic Island
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  26. Cairns
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  27. Cape Trib
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  28. Rex lookout
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    This is such an awkward photo
  29. Cairns
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