My Goals in Life

Well this is something that is actually kind of personal but eh whatever. They're all pretty vague, I don't have goals with clear steps to make towards them
  1. Never lose my childish sense of whimsy
    I want to always be amazed by beautiful things and gross things and continue to seek things that I can experience for the first time and find ways to play.
  2. Be truly happy
    It's an ongoing struggle. I'm totally there in some moments but I hope I get the hang of it for extended periods of time. I'm much better at looking for the silver lining lately but it's the building of myself and my experiences I think that will get me closer to this.
  3. Have a partner to share lives with
    I really want to find a soulmate. Someone that I feel a true and deep connection to that was there from the start. I think I have found it a friend or two but they live pretty far and I think there would have to be a romantic aspect for the life sharing part to work out.
  4. Be stable enough to retire before I die
    If I don't die young. I just don't want to be working until the day I die. Actually I'd just fly to Australia and find a blue ringed octopus. They have an anesthetic as well as a toxin so you don't feel it and you just drift to sleep, then you die. It'd be a peaceful way to go, on an Aussie beach, interacting with wildlife.