There are a lot here but I was there for a month
  1. This is from flying over Sweden, descending to land
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  2. This is landing !
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  3. This is the 4leaf clover I found
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  4. This is "The American Food and Gift Store... According to Charles"
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  5. This is a double rainbow from our first road trip
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  6. This is where someone keeps their sheep on the west coast
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  7. This is a sunset at the top of the hill in Varberg
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  8. This is the amazingly soft grass - cut daily by little lawnmower robots
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  9. This is the sun setting and the moon is there too. It was taken in a car though so there are bugs on the windshield
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  10. This is Fred and Amy in Malmö
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  11. This is a sunset in Malmö and a biogas bus and a bike lane
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  12. This is how we met a moose
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  13. This is Fred's dog Krut and his cat Grumse? Never figured out how to say it but we call the cat Adolf
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  14. This is where we got ready for a great but somewhat scary horse riding adventure
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  15. This is a beautiful sunset in Borås
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  16. This is a pretty gross fish egg paste they make children eat in Swedish schools
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  17. This is from a wallpaper factory in Borås
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  18. This is potentially the most scenic gas stop in Sweden, you have a view of a massive lake
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  19. This is a bike, and tons more bikes cause they bike like mad in Sweden
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  20. This is an ikea dinner
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  21. This is a person in front of the scale model in front of the actual Vasa ship
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  22. This is the sky and bright buildings in Stockholm
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  23. This is just beautiful lighting in Gamla Stan
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  24. This is Carl face-palming when I forgot to take off the lens cap
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  25. This is some chain link fence graffiti that says "heal the hood"
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  26. This is my last night and the stupid amount of candy I brought home
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