Photos From Sweden

There are a lot here but I was there for a month
  1. This is from flying over Sweden, descending to land
  2. This is landing !
  3. This is the 4leaf clover I found
  4. This is "The American Food and Gift Store... According to Charles"
  5. This is a double rainbow from our first road trip
  6. This is where someone keeps their sheep on the west coast
  7. This is a sunset at the top of the hill in Varberg
  8. This is the amazingly soft grass - cut daily by little lawnmower robots
  9. This is the sun setting and the moon is there too. It was taken in a car though so there are bugs on the windshield
  10. This is Fred and Amy in Malmö
  11. This is a sunset in Malmö and a biogas bus and a bike lane
  12. This is how we met a moose
  13. This is Fred's dog Krut and his cat Grumse? Never figured out how to say it but we call the cat Adolf
  14. This is where we got ready for a great but somewhat scary horse riding adventure
  15. This is a beautiful sunset in Borås
  16. This is a pretty gross fish egg paste they make children eat in Swedish schools
  17. This is from a wallpaper factory in Borås
  18. This is potentially the most scenic gas stop in Sweden, you have a view of a massive lake
  19. This is a bike, and tons more bikes cause they bike like mad in Sweden
  20. This is an ikea dinner
  21. This is a person in front of the scale model in front of the actual Vasa ship
  22. This is the sky and bright buildings in Stockholm
  23. This is just beautiful lighting in Gamla Stan
  24. This is Carl face-palming when I forgot to take off the lens cap
  25. This is some chain link fence graffiti that says "heal the hood"
  26. This is my last night and the stupid amount of candy I brought home