1. Eating at a restaurant 🍣
    Seriously...there is no shame in enjoying time to yourself while eating whatever you want. You don't have to stick to drive-thrus and fast food or take-out. Go to a sushi bar or Italian joint!
  2. Watching a movie at a movie theater 📽
    It's not nearly as scary as you may think and it's always nice to have the popcorn all to yourself!
  3. Going to a live show or concert 🎤
    I'm sure this one seems a bit more intimidating, but start small. I often go to operas alone, but I decided one evening to go to a concert at a smaller venue in Seattle alone. While it is different to go alone, there is also a freedom in it and I would've missed out on something really great if I hadn't gone!
  4. Hiking 👞
    Just do it! You will thank me for it later...