1. Three Blind Mice
    On multiple occasions once I realized it is a comfy sweatsuit, mouse ears, and sunglasses!
  2. A TGIFridays Waitress
    Red stripes shirt complete with button flair suspenders and a funny hate (this was mid-90's Fridays)
  3. An Olympian
    Glitter medals - and once again, a sweatsuit!
  4. An Ugly Witch
    When I was 3 and my mom wanted me to be something cute - I wanted to be an ugly witch!
  5. A snowman!
    Pre-Olaf fame - but in college and I won a costume contest. Guess what I wore? A sweatsuit!
  6. A Hippie
    Because my best friend had an old costume from a play or dance recital that was essentially overalls with peace signs - and I loved any chance to wear them!
  7. A Blues Brother
    No joke, I wore black sweatpants as part of this costume. I am realizing how much the attire had an influence on costumes!
  8. A Cactus
    For a Western-Themed campfire when I was a camp counselor
  9. Tiger Woods
    This was back when the "I am Tiger Woods" commercials were a thing
  10. Ginny Weasley
    Harry Potter movie premieres, campfires, and Halloween when I was 25!