Thoughts I've had about HS that would have likely changed that entire experience...
  1. Tried out for the soccer team
    I was afraid because I had never played select. But everyone made the team, and I was actually pretty good. I would have been on the freshman team, but I might have made JV the next year. I think this would have drastically changed everything from my friends to my summers spent at camp. If I was on the soccer team, I would have never spent all summer as a camp counselor...
  2. Actually joined the drama club
    I really wanted to do stage management things for the musicals. Unfortunately I just didn't know when drama club met - so I never went. But, I was invited to the end of year picnic because I was on some roster from when I expressed interest. Why didn't they call me sooner?! I could be living my Broadway dreams right now!
  3. Sat at a different lunch table
    I wasn't really friends with the people I sat with. I could have sat with my friends...
  4. Learned to pole vault
    I could have gotten a scholarship to college because it was the first year girls could pole vault in HS, so if I had been just marginally good, I could have made it to state. But something about throwing yourself in the air on a pole really freaked me out.
  5. Read my summer reading assignments
    I never did. Except for The Brave New World, and then our teacher was new and didn't know we had been assigned summer reading. But, I worked at camp all summer at I had zero motivation.
  6. Talked to more people
    I was incredibly shy. But several years later I worked with someone at camp who knew me from HS (he was several years behind me) and he knew that I was in journalism, ran track, and who I hung out with. I just think about how many people I knew - but didn't know me, and vice versa- and why are we so afraid to talk to each other in HS? Why did I actively avoid my ten year reunion to avoid talking to those people still?
  7. Actually cared about XC
    I joined the team for social reasons. And for spirit wear. But if I had actually cared and tried... I might have been okay. Doubt I would have been good, but I might not have been the slowest on the team.
  8. Kept in touch...
    I graduated and mostly never looked back. HS was not bad, but it wasn't great. I had some great friends... But I haven't spoken to any of them in years... It's just amazing how fast the time goes.