This feels like a live tweet but easier to follow along...
  1. Hmm... I wonder how I begin with this.
  2. Google "how to roast a butternut squash"
  3. Maybe Pinterest will explain it in pictures!
  4. Of course, thank you Pinterest. This looks easy!
  5. Whoa! This is tough! It's like a pumpkin only weirdly shaped.
  6. I wonder what I would do if I sliced the middle of my hand open. Where even is the ER here?
  7. Okay, cut all the way through without cutting myself!
  8. Scoop out these seeds.
  9. Hmm... Now it seems I could apparently cube it now, but that seems difficult to cut. I will roast now, cube later.
  10. Oh, I'm going to paint on a little EVOO first.
  11. Okay, how do I know when it is done? It's probably one of those "you'll know it when you see it" kind of things.
  12. 25 minutes later, this looks nice! And it is soft enough to cut!
  13. Ooh, how do I cut off the "skin?" It's so hot! Hmm, well this isn't graceful. Thank goodness oven mitts can go in the wash and this one is covered in silicone.
  14. Well, now I just blender it up and this was easy!
  15. Okay, maybe a food processor is needed... This blender business isn't working out so well.
  16. With patience, I got my squash blended and mixed up into a nice sauce for my "Mac and Cheese!"
  17. I can't wait to cook with this again and become a squash pro!