Rewatching my HS favorite... I have a lot of questions.
  1. Where are all the parents?
    Besides Karen, Dan, and Deb - there are basically no parents. Peyton's dad makes a few appearances but let's his 16 year old daughter live alone for most of HS. Is that legal?
  2. How many students at your HS designed their own fashion lines and were invited to Rogue Vogue?
  3. How many students at your HS opened their own all-ages club and signed legit bands and artists?
  4. How many students at your HS went our tour in the middle of HS? Oh, and casually got married when they were juniors?
  5. We shouldn't forget that Mouth is Minkus and has a knack for playing characters with weird nicknames.
  6. Wow, these people upgrade their cell phones with every update!
    HS me was jealous! I never had a Razor Phone!
  7. The parents are getting around just as much as the students - and that's odd in this cute small town.
  8. Why is no one ever at school during the day? What schools have this many free periods that students can work lunch shifts or just go home midday to be angsty?
  9. Sunkist must have sponsored a couple of seasons...
    I had to google if Sunkist still existed because I haven't had a Sunkist since HS.
  10. Clean teens? Was that a thing?
    And what kind of HS student would wear a shirt EVERYDAY that said Virgin for Life on the back?
  11. But man, I loved a good Baseball Tee shirt... When did those go out of style?
  12. American Eagle got a lot of advertising in this show... Did they pay for that?
    Or was that just where the wardrobe department bought things? I always felt super cool when I owned something someone wore on OTH. Even the green and yellow AE tear-away sweats worn by Haley in season 3...?
  13. Why did we think it was stylish to wear a tank top over a t-shirt?
    Thankfully, I never felt like I could really pull of this look - so there are embarrassing pictures of me in this attire. But, a lot of my friends rocked it - and although I laugh now - it was hip at the time!
  14. There are like no teachers at this school...
    The principal, Coach Whitey (who happens to teach one class about a time capsule once, but never again), an episode with a guidance counselor, and the teacher that dates Brooke her senior year... Where are all the other teachers?!? They aren't even in the background as extras!
  15. Does no one hang out in a living room or basement?
    Everyone is always in each other's bedrooms. In HS we always hung out in people's basements, family rooms, or back patios (with a bonfire).
  16. Why don't people knock before going into someone's bedroom?
    The number of times they walk in on each other having sex - you think they would learn...
  17. This weekend trip to a beautiful mountain cabin - as high schoolers?!?
    So cool. I would have never been allowed. But I totally want to do this now in my life.
  18. Crazy stalkers are abundant in Tree Hill....
    The solution is everyone sleeps in Lucas' bed... But with only one adult in all of town, this seems normal.
  19. How did anyone pass Tree Hill HS?
    Zero time spent in class or studying. Except for Tutor Girl... But even that falls behind when she gets pregnant.