In 4th grade we would watch the show Read All About It once a week. It was a Canadian show produced in the 70's and 80's and it is an educational mystery show. My class LOVED this show. Unfortunately, I was sick for the last episode and never knew how it ended... Until now. I found it on YouTube (thanks Internet!). Join me on this adventure!
  1. Episode 1: The Coach House
    Wow, I've been singing the theme song wrong for almost 20 years... I wonder what a Coach House is... Oh, this is an educational show and they will define it for you. There is this mystery man watching the kids - and that seems creepy. I wonder if the Uncle is still alive. I remember very little about what happens. Oh yes, the robots talk to the children! Samantha is the smart one... Ah! This kid barely knows his uncle but he is left to solve a conspiracy?? Ooh... Cliffhanger! The door knob!!!
  2. Episode 2: The Stranger
    Instead of showing us what happened last episode, it is typed out in a newsprint with suspenseful music in the background. "Security Guard Extrodinare" sounds fishy... This show teaches a lot about synonyms. Ooh! The robots have secrets! Samantha and Otto are in a fight about the word 'splendiferous.' Sam and Lynne disappeared!