1. Bodily Fluids
    Kids can be gross.
  2. Yellow Lunch
    Once a week we had a meal that was entirely yellow on your plate: mini corn dogs, tater tots, and corn. Yuck!
  3. Rainy Days
    I loved them when I was in leadership roles... But as a counselor it was exhausting. Cabin fever is real.
  4. Bullies
    Bullies suck and we all know it. And sometimes counselors are bullies too.
  5. Sun Burn
  6. Some Nurses
    Most camp nurses were amazing... But a few made things challenging. I know they were doing their jobs... But, let's be on the same team - otherwise the campers can overthrow us!
  7. Homesick Campers
    I am sorry you are sad and miss home, but I just don't always know how to help. I was not a homesick camper whisperer... I just got lucky more often than not - or tagged out with co-counselors when I was out of ideas.
  8. Wet Towels
    Stinky messes. And not useful at all.
  9. Late Parents
    I always told parents to arrive 15 minutes early. When you are late, my 24 hour break is cut short... And your kids is sad and worried about why they are the only kid left.
  10. Insects
    Specifically, Bed Bugs. Initially omitted because I try to block this completely from memory.