1. "Texting" at camp
    We rarely had cell service - and a co-counselor and I would text each other in the cabin by typing a text on our phone and literally passing the phone to each other. Like passing notes in class but an easy delete button to destroy all evidence.
  2. Cookies at Lunch
    Everyday. And a co-counselor and I would always claim we needed extra and keep them all for ourselves!
  3. "Working" at the pool
    Floating on a noodle. Calling out categories in the aptly named pool game "Categories." Chatting poolside with other counselors. Organizing an exciting crazy-jump contest! I can't believe I got (minimally) paid for this work!
  4. Mail Call
    The letters and care packages may have been few and far between some summers - but this was the best part of every day! Hope! Anticipation! And usually a camper got sent something delicious!
  5. Off-time
    Spending time with my best friends - laying in our bunks, adventures to Panera, milkshakes, hiking (waking casually in the woods), swimming or hanging out at the lake with other people's campers, afternoons in the staff lounge, and working on awards and "paperwork" we're some of my favorite memories
  6. When it rained during breakfast
    This was a more magical kind of rain than any other- except maybe for bedtime rain.
  7. Character Campers
    Kids are great- but when you have those characters that are just something special... Some kids are uber confident and you are in awe of them, some March to the beat of their own drum, others are just goofy and silly, but they are all memorable and make the week fun! Of course, there are challenges too...
  8. Canoe Picnics
    We only did it once, but some counselors and I made Pb&J's and then rowed out to the middle of the lake to eat them. It was EVERYTHING!
  9. Best Friends
    You lived and worked with your best friends... They were always right there.