@bjnovak and @dev joined Kara Swisher on this week’s new episode of the “Re/code Decode” podcast to talk about The List App and everything that is changing in the balance between tech and entertainment. Listen to the full episodet at http://recode.net/podcasts/b-j-novak-and-dev-flaherty-the-list-app-co-founders-ipad-pro-2/
  1. "We’re probably going to lose the ‘the.’ We’re waiting for Sean Parker to come in and give us that insight." – BJ Novak
  2. "The ‘listicle' has been thoroughly adopted by everyone from BuzzFeed to the New York Times." – Dev Flaherty
  3. "I have always admired tech from the outside, the way people admire Hollywood." – BJ Novak
  4. On favorite lists: "'Things I learned from my divorce,’ for instance. That’s a really inspirational, helpful story." – Dev Flaherty