Dedicated to @bjnovak and @mindy, who have brought me so much laughter and joy.
  1. Fun Run
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    In which Michael hits Meredith with his car and then sponsors a fun run after learning she has rabies. HIGHLIGHT: Michael spending half the proceeds on a giant check.
  2. Niagara
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    In which Jim and Pam get married! HIGHLIGHT: The Chris Brown "Forever" dance down the aisle and the sweet and romantic Maid of the Mist reveal.
  3. Threat Level Midnight
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    In which Michael's insane homemade action film, "Threat Level Midnight," starring Agent Michael Scarn, is finally completed and premiered for everyone's viewing pleasure: HIGHLIGHT: Jim as the film's villain, Goldenface. Also the Michael Scarn line dance.
  4. Scott's Tots
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    In which Michael had promised 9 years earlier that he'd pay the college tuition of a group of underprivileged kids if they graduated from high school, and he has to tell them he can't. HIGHLIGHT: Stanley cracking up over the Scott's tots newspaper article he's saved for 9 years.
  5. Survivor Man
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    In which the guys of the office went camping without Michael, so he ventures into the wild alone to prove himself. HIGHLIGHT: When Michael gets hot so he cuts the legs off his pants, but then gets cold so he duct tapes them back on.
  6. Dinner Party
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    In which Michael and Jan host the most hilariously cringeworthy dinner party. HIGHLIGHT: Michael giving a tour of his condo and proudly showing off his tiny plasma TV.
  7. Chair Model
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    In which a broken-hearted Michael falls in love with a model in an office chair catalog who turns out to be dead. HIGHLIGHT: When Michael thinks he's been set up with Wendy, a "hot and juicy redhead" but is actually calling a Wendy's restaurant.
  8. The Convict
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    In which an ex-con is hired and everyone starts to think that prison sounds better than the office, so Prison Mike pays a visit to scare them straight. HIGHLIGHT: "The worst thing about prison was the dementors."
  9. The Injury
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    In which Michael burns his foot on his George Foreman grill. HIGHLIGHT: Pam bonding with and then saying goodbye to concussed Dwight, who was much nicer than regular Dwight.
  10. Finale
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    In which Michael Scott comes back and makes me cry. HIGHLIGHT: All of it.