The Boston Red Sox logo has always been iconic, but are you aware of all of the changes it's gone through? Here's a look:
  1. 1901-1907: Originally, the team was the Boston Americans with a simple logo of just "BA" in blue lettering.
  2. 1908: For just one year, the newly-named Boston Red Sox introduced the first piece of hosiery to the logo.
  3. 1909-1911: Back to the basics. After the sock's brief appearance, the logo went to a simple "Boston" in red.
  4. 1912-1923: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. For the next 12 years the logo was changed to "Red Sox" in a very familiar style.
  5. 1924-1960: The longest held logo in Red Sox history. The prominent "hanging socks" made it one of the more interesting logos of its time.
  6. 1961-1969: The hanging socks get an update and are placed inside a baseball. Seems a little uneven, doesn't it?
  7. 1970-1975: Fixed! The old logo gets an update, with larger socks and adjusted stitching on the baseball.
  8. 1976-2008: Forgot the team's name? Well in 1976 "Circle Sox" logo added it on the outside. Might've been a lucky one too. (This logo broke the curse!)
  9. 2009-today: Here we are. The hanging sox are back to being all alone. Only seems right, doesn't it? We've really come a long way from the that one long red sock, and it's probably for the better.