5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

Ok so there are two extra here. I was having fun scrolling at random and since only two of my four kids had shown up by the fifth picture I thought I should keep going. (still only two kids are pictured)
  1. One
    My Mom sent pictures of my brother Kevin on his birthday to the family chat. I remember that day, how soggy that cloth diaper was and how hard we laughed.
  2. Two
    Meg and her fairy garden this summer.
  3. Three
    A sampling of her shoes and loan-me-overs from Parkinson girls.
  4. Four
    Huey. So sick. The best cuddler in our house.
  5. Five
    Meg. So sick. Why are kids sick so much?
  6. Six
    Don't be fooled by the bikini top, there are board shorts in that pool. And that ponytail? ❤️
  7. Seven
    This is from a taxi window. I can never resist taking this shot even though I have a hundred versions and even if I am the one driving.