1. Parts of a horse
    Poll forelock face and muzzle cheek throat latch chest forearm knee cannon hoof crest mane withers back loin croup quarters hock elbow chestnut fetlock pastern stifle and the gaskin neck and shoulder barrel and the flank.
  2. Penmanship
  3. Shoop lyrics
  4. Silent dirty looks to children while on phone.
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  5. Some Kind of Wonderful
  6. Fitted sheet folding
  7. Bump free ponytails
  8. Helping verbs
    Am is are was were do did have has had shall will may can might could would should be being been does must
  9. Slicing apples perfectly and quickly
  10. Proper peanut butter to jelly ratio
  11. Hanging a spoon from my nose
  12. Teaching kids to hang spoons from their noses
  13. Stashing and saving my gum in my mouth during Communion