Puppy please.
  1. Cousin Matt was the first cousin to request a list from me.
    Specifically this list.
  2. Cousin Matt's white Astro Van.
    With a whip like that I don't know why he's always texting me from the bus.
  3. Cousin Matt's hygiene and general clean living.
  4. Cousin Matt has unmatched Arrested Development knowledge.
    The only known (to me) cousin to have thrown a mandatory costume Arrested Development party just like we did.
  5. Cousin Matt and I have similar interests.
    No details available.
  6. Cousin Matt is the frosted mini wheat of cousins.
    Equal number of hilarious-ridiculous and poignant -serious conversations.
  7. Cousin Matt walked right into naming himself Cousin Matt.
  8. Cousin Matt visits me all the time.
    Wait, how do you cross things off these lists?