1. Child laborer
  2. Christmas knick-knack artist
    Painting glued-together terra cotta pots to look like nutcracker soldiers for Christmas.
  3. Shoe saleswoman
  4. Pusher Offer...
    ... of rotten potatoes from conveyer belt while wearing a lovely hairnet at a food processing plant.
  5. Underaged greaser of machine parts
    Shouldn't have been hired.
  6. General office work at my Pappaw's gutter business
    Typing up memos, answering phones, filing, playing with autocad, crying when another office guy remarked, "Why does he even pay her?" within earshot. I was the only "her."
  7. Receptionist for an odd podiatrist
    Phones, files, and listening to this woman talk about the abuse she got from her brother, and how when she meditates, alpha waves from her brain float up to God.
  8. Graphic designer and illustrator for cancer research book
    My grandma had earned her PhD just prior to co-writing this, and I'm honored to have been able to work on the jacket and a little inside. She's achieved the highest level of education in the family so far. The women in my family, it seems, are earning more degrees than the men.
  9. Student
    Associates degree in computer animation, with honors. Around that time I realized I prefer the hand work involved more than the computer work.
  10. Book seller at Barnes & Noble
    I love books, but I hate stocking shelves. I loved wrapping books as gifts, and it was here that I was first aware of the Harry Potter books since we held midnight Harry Potter parties for fans.
  11. Receptionist, mailroom, & admissions at art school
    I took the front desk job at my school in the hopes of taking free classes toward a bachelors degree. Super toxic, damaging environment. Had nightmares for years.
  12. Caricaturist at grad parties
    My style wasn't like what you find at mall kiosks or fairgrounds, but I was alright and learned how to create under pressure while being watched.
  13. Political cartoonist
    Only one cartoon (hey, I got paid) for a stressed-out looking, disheveled older man who came in off the street to the school looking for an artist. I happened to be working the front desk and said I could draw him something to sell to some magazine. It had something to do with a sad Statue of Liberty.
  14. Data entry at online college
    I desperately jumped ship from my old school to this online school that was even further away from my life calling. Huge error.
  15. Studio manager for an animator
    After being laid off from the online college, my friend offered me this job. I couldn't make it work with a toddler and a baby so I was fired/laid off again.
  16. Etsy shop owner
    Customizable baby announcement prints, inspired by the one my mom made me when I was born. TWO WHOLE LISTINGS. No buyers yet, and I've let the listings expire. I have other ideas but need the time and tools to work on them.
  17. Illustrator for a children's book
    Still on Amazon! My friend wrote it. It's called Becky's Incredible, Amazing, Marvelous Dad! I want to do another book now, and I have a good idea. I'm also swimming in other print ideas.
  18. Mom
    Full time, around the clock, 24/7, 365, few breaks, no pay, no sick days, no vacations, blood, sweat, & tears.