Who...are the people in my neighborhood? In my neighborhood...in my neigh-bor-hood.
  1. Middle aged lady
    When introducing herself to my husband, she said her name and then promptly shared that she just got divorced after 30 years of marriage because her husband cheated on her with a younger woman, and she got the house and works from home. I've observed that she sometimes has a mean-looking dog in her backyard, burns yard brush from her backyard which fills the air with acrid smoke, and we gladly accepted Jell-O shots she was handing out to parents on Halloween night.
  2. Older Norwegian man
    He is a self-employed handyman, lives alone, has a white work van, sometimes drives his car through his yard to his backyard, has a strong Norwegian accent, is funny. That's all I know.
  3. Older couple behind us
    They shyly but kindly introduced themselves, play Pickleball at the community center, invited me to play with them, are fastidious about their lawn, have grown children and grandchildren, resemble a retired preacher and preacher's wife.
  4. Squirrel people
    That's all I knew about them for a long time. They have several bird feeders off their deck and there are dozens of squirrels around it at all times. Turns out they're a nice older couple, he helped us retrieve a stuck boomerang off our roof, and she volunteers at my son's school and knows him by name.
  5. Santa
    No joke. His name is SID, Santa In Disguise. He is THE Mall of America Santa. He has a great white beard, wears red or green year-round, has 3 yippy white dogs with reindeer names who his wife has as show dogs, and once a summer has all the local santas over for a pool party.
  6. Nice guy and wife
    Middle aged couple with at least 2 grown sons, one of which still lives at home. We know the husband mostly as "Champ's dad." Champ is his older pitbull type dog who looks intimidating but is really sweet. Champ loves to play fetch and barks when someone is about to throw the ball, basks in the sun, and loves to wade in his kiddy pool in the summer while holding the hose in his mouth. He has a good life, and it shows what kind of people they are. I like them the most.