1. The Queen of England
    What's it like?
  2. My mom
    What makes her tick?
  3. My husband
    What's he thinking? I'm sure he wonders the same about me.
  4. My daughter
    What does she need most from me? How can I be a better example? What are her strengths?
  5. My son
    What does he need help with? How can I be a better mom?
  6. The President
    I want to know some state secrets and see the private quarters of the White House.
  7. Jennifer Lawrence
    She seems fun.
  8. Artist Katie Cook
    What's it like being a working illustrator who is also a mom?
  9. Artist Teagan White
    What's it like being so talented and busy?
  10. God
    Who? What? Where? Why?
  11. Jane Goodall
    To feel her gentle strength.
  12. David Attenborough
    He has an amazing job and accent.
  13. The person who put something in my drink at a work party one time. Whoever they are.
    Who are you? You need help.
  14. Oprah
    Why not?
  15. J.K. Rowling
    She created something great despite being down on her luck.
  16. A dog
    No explanation necessary.