I moved to Minnesota when I was 21. That was 16 years ago.
  1. Family
    My mom, brother, his wife and 3 boys, and my Pappaw all still live there.
  2. The accent
    The TX accent is grounded and confident, yet soft when it wants to be. I strongly dislike the MN accent, and I'm sad that my mine has changed some.
  3. Familiarity
    Memories triggered by being or passing somewhere I've been before.
  4. The sweet breeze
    There is nothing like the scent at night coming off a field of native grasses that have baked in the hot TX sun all day. I wish I could bottle it.
  5. Mesquite trees
    Spiky, short, kinda ugly...but so distinct in the flavor they add to grilling and rugged look they give to the undeveloped landscape.
  6. The size
    Almost every type of environment possible on Earth is available in the state of TX. Mountains, scrub brush, desert, grassland, forest, marsh, coastal, river, lake, urban. So much to explore.
  7. The country
    I spent many days & weeks during every summer on my great grandmother's farm near Graham, TX. I loved that place. I had my own climbing tree w/ a couch branch; we looked for pop rocks in the driveway; there were snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, fire ants, coyotes, owls, cows; I shot my BB gun at targets; prickly pear; 7-up on a hot day; fresh honey on the comb from the beehive they kept; hiking through the pasture; finding relics from long ago residents, etc.....