I now see many of these as personal teaching tools. Regret isn't always a bad thing.
  1. Doing everything my older brother did growing up instead of thinking for myself and pursuing my own interests.
  2. Not spending more time with my Mammaw after she was diagnosed with dementia and before she passed away.
  3. The times I've gotten drunk to appear cool and ended up doing foolish or risky things.
  4. Running from problems.
  5. Dating guys who made me feel bad about myself.
  6. Staying at a job for 5 years that I absolutely hated because I was too scared of job interviews.
  7. Quitting the same job "effective immediately" instead of giving two weeks notice.
  8. Working in another terrible office job for years after the last terrible office job.
  9. Gossiping
  10. Not focusing on and practicing my illustration skills for well over 10 years.
  11. Not taking better care of my dogs, Nickel and Penny, during the last year(s) of their lives when I was a teenager.
  12. Losing my temper with my kids.
  13. Feeling stuck for so long.
  14. Judging others.
  15. Judging myself.
  16. Not recognizing when I was younger that illustration is what I love to do.
  17. Not getting a BFA in illustration when I had the chance before marriage, kids, and debt.
  18. Not speaking my mind for fear of an argument, criticism, judgment, or misunderstanding.
  19. Not asking for help.
  20. Voting Republican when I turned 18 simply because my family "always votes Republican."
  21. Calling my stepmom "mom" for a few years when my own mother was/is still alive and part of my life.
  22. Not knowing the importance of having my own money. I've always worked low paying jobs, managed my money poorly, and saved nothing. Now that I am an unemployed SAH mom, I have no money of my own.
  23. Not finding a way to go to Japan to visit my cousin when she was teaching there.
  24. Not being a better friend.
  25. Moving to Minnesota for the wrong reasons. While the move led to some good things, it disconnected me from my roots. I feel like I don't quite belong here or in TX anymore.
  26. Agreeing to such a large tattoo hastily drawn by the artist, when really I wanted something smaller and more like a vintage botanical illustration.
  27. Some REALLY bad haircuts.