Some things that I'm glad I stumbled upon again in the past few weeks. Reviewing old favorites can often bring new insights.
  1. Kate Tempest on All Songs Considered
    I love how she talks about connecting with an audience. I would use this in a homiletics (preaching) class.
  2. Nadia Bolz-Weber Ash Wednesday Sermon from 2014
    I don't really remember sermons (sorry preachers), but I remember this. So. Damn. Good.
  3. Network (Written by Paddy Chayefsky. Directed by Sidney Lumet)
    Love the performances (especially Faye Dunaway). Also one of my favorite scripts.
  4. Pleased to Meet You by The Replacements
    Do I even need to explain why this album is good?
  5. Should I go to grad school flowchart by Matt Thomas